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-Large cage: (great cages are diy cages. ex. C and C cages, wooden or plastic made cages etc. 
 -Food: (Suggeseted brand: Oxbow: Young guinea pig food (up to 6 months, or pregnant/ nursing females), Oxbow: Adult (over 6 months) 
 - Hay: Suggested brand;(Oxbow: Botanical, Oat, Timothy Hay, etc.) SHOULD BE SUPPLIED 24:7! 
 - Water: Regular water 
 - Vitamin C supplement: Suggested brands: Oxbow; Hay based tablets, Orange juice Jr. 100 mg tablets(for kids but works great on guinea pigs) SPLIT INTO FOURTHS and give quarter  Chewable a day. - Chew toys: Chew toys are great because guinea pigs love chewing on things since their teeth are growing constantly. Bedding: You can use Carefresh bedding(Try to stay away from pine wood shavings and colored bedding) Antother option for C and C cages are fleece liners/ Flippers.(I personally prefer this even if you don't have a C and C cage, very easy to clean, (WILL NEED MILTIPLE). Link below on where to get some. ALTERNATIVE WAY: YOU CAN USE BLANKETS OR REGULAR FLEECE FABRIC, JUST CHANGE THESE EVERY TWO DAYS. LINKS:
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